“Do you ship internationally?”

Yes we do! As long as you have a proper mailing address, we’ll get your beloved item to you within the next working day!


“How can I track my order?”

For all local Singaporean mail orders sent by SingPost registered mailing, we will provide you with a tracking number. This applies to international purchases as well, as we will use registered mailing for your purchase and you can track your item status online!


“What options are there other than mailing to collect my item?”

If you’re based in Singapore, you may choose to meet our friendly shipper team at our designated areas and timings (ask us for the schedule!) for a self-collection of item(s).


“How long does it take to receive my order?”

For Singapore-based orders, for registered mailing, the item is expected to arrive within 2 working days. For ordinary mailing, the time is 2-5 working days. Delivery by Singpost, our courier of choice, runs from Monday to Saturday.

For international orders, the shipping time varies due to your location, ranging from approximately 3-14 working days dependent on your location.


“What is the fastest time I can do a self-collection?”(Singapore only)

We aim to arrange a self-collection appointment as soon as possible, sometimes even the following day if our schedule permits! Do speak to us to know our designated areas and timings for self-collection





At EKO, our emphasis is on your satisfactions, and finding a product which meets your needs. For those collecting face-to-face with us, we cater time for a thorough checking of the item.

For customers collecting by mail, we strongly recommend you to check the product upon receipt thoroughly as well.


“My product is not functioning properly. What do I do?”

Drop our friendly customer service team a message via WhatsApp and we will do our best to rectify the issue for you. Some issues may arise due to incorrect setup methods and other related factors.


“My product is under warranty and is facing issues I can’t rectify, what is the warranty claim process?”

Warranty claims are valid for 28 days from the date of purchase. Please take a video showing clearly the issue faced as well as a proper write up for our reference on the issue. We will do a one to one exchange for you if approved, and you may also choose to top up for a product upgrade.

We must receive the original product in its original box, either by mailing or by meetup, before we will facilitate an exchange. EKO reserves the right to reject any claim deemed unsuitable or for other reasons.

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