20 comments on “Smartwatch vs Regular Watch: Evolution Of A Timeless Piece

  • The world is changing!!! and thanks to EKO, I’m able to get a nice smart watch at a lower budget. It’s really satisfying.

  • Was originally intended to buy a smart watch but ended up settled for the S4 series earpiece. The quality of the bass is really good compared to one I’ve gotten at almost similar price on facebook.

    Thanks Leon for the delivery!!! Very patience in guiding me on the usage…

    I’ll return again for the smart watch that I couldn’t get once I get my next pay. Cheers

  • Had a amazing smart watch that can watch youtube OMG!!! and a S4 wireless earpiece.
    Very happy with the delivery of service. The shipping representative was friendly and the patience in guiding me on setting up the connection with my phone is really amazing. Kudos to the team to come this far!!!
    Will definitely shop again for Christmas!

  • Gottne my wireless powerbank earpiece this afternoon!!! very happy. Thanks bro! The wearing spec n carrying a bag bro dont know what his name already ^.^

  • I bought K2 wireless earpiece from eko.sg and their service is amazing. The guy waited for me for at least 40 minutes at Paya Lebar due to raining. But he didnt show any unhappy face to me instead he patiently guide me how to pair the bluetooth to my devices.

    thanks eko.sg and special compliment to the green hair EKO Ambassador!

  • Hey EKO person in charge,

    First of all, I have received my purchase. It is well delivered and safe.
    But now I am having problem pairing it to my device. The Pod Series Bluetooth Earphones – Ergonomic is paired without any problem but the Sphere Series Smartwatches – Elegance couldn’t paired properly.
    Do you have any user manual that I can refer to? The piece of user manual included doesn’t seems to work.

    • admin_eureka says:

      Hi, do contact our Customer Service team via the WhatsApp chat button on the website!

      Simply furnish us the details of your purchase – product and also purchase date – and we will guide you from there! Thanks for your support of EKO!

  • Nice design, quality product, competitive but not expensive price, most importantly amazing service!

    Thanks Bennie for the delivery of the product.

    #XmasPresent #EKO.SG #EKO

  • Wanted their Isolator Series but couldn’t get ended up paying extra $80+ for their luxury series… Sounds disappointed at first for anyone who read this but I can tell you there’s nothing to regret.

    It hurts at first but then again their Luxury Series is really value for money. The quality of the bass was awesome and the privacy of sounds really locked into my ears only. No leaking of sounds like how people played their loud music in the MRT and you could hear them out.

    A tricky way to upsell which I wouldn’t want to comment much as long as the value I paid for is worth as it is. Maybe not everyone can afford it but EKO definitely is to their honesty.


  • Met with the delivery guy at Bugis for bluetooth earpiece. Initially wanted to buy the $38 type but was shown with a $128 earbud. The $128 quality is really amazing. I went for the $38 instead because my budget that I can afford was only around $50-$60. If only they have shown me the quality of an earbud within my budget, I would have gotten it.

    Suggestion: I know you try to upsell me but you have to understand my budget too. I would suggest you bring something in between rather than simply pop-out the most high end range.

    Will return again if my budget allows me to buy something else.

  • Hi I’m Mickey here. Just gotten a box of smartwatch and a box of wireless earbuds from Leon!
    Exceptional service and amazingly friendly in dealing with me.

    Here’s my scenario. My brother is getting married next week and I thought of giving him some rather special compared to traditional gifts such as gold or jewelry in particular. At first my thought was just as similar as you might think. What a cheapo gift this would be…. But then think again, This could be really useful. They can wear this smartwatch to track their healthy lifestyle which the gov is actively promoting and the earbuds can give a new experience of listening to their devices. I think they would love it.

    I’m not here to help promote EKO.sg but I think their service quality and reliability is really trustworthy. So, instead of buying something that is simply expensive because of the brand, why not think of supporting our local friend here?

    Will return for you in CNY! I promise!


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