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Our Story

A close-knit, dedicated team realised that they wanted to do something greater than themselves. To craft something that could deliver smiles and satisfaction to others, as they all hailed from a face-to-face, customer-oriented background. This time, it would be fully within their control.

Thus Eureka Online was born – they realised that in the trending world of online selling, there was a warmth and personal touch that lacked. And they would be the ones to deliver it.

That was our Eureka moment – a realisation that took us in a drastic new direction. Join us to write many more chapters of the Eureka story – written in warmth, laughter and satisfaction.

EKO Mission

In the technology-dominated world of today, shopping online is as easy as a few clicks of the button. It is so much more about the product, the sale, the profit and much less about you. Sometimes, you can’t even be 100% sure what you’re purchasing.

At EKO, we were founded with the belief in giving you the best of both worlds. We aim to deliver high quality and affordable products, and take it one step further to let you FEEL our products, to find the one truly matching your needs! Don’t wait, come on board with us today and see the difference!

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